children's cookery courses, adult's cookery workshops and Food safety training

We offer a wide variety of cookery courses for children and adults. Our most popular options are listed below, but we're always happy to tailor cooking parties and courses to your specific requests.

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Children's Courses


Nursery / Pre-school

We have plenty of pre-school options available including our popular 'Non-cook cooking lessons' that are tailored to using foods that can be prepared in a classroom environment rather than a kitchen. Dishes include pasta salad, houmous dips with pitta bread and fruit kebabs. The emphasis is on safety, fun, confidence, inspiring interest and learning new things about food.

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Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2

Cooking for the curriculum courses may include themes such as Making Recipes From World War II or other periods throughout history. Bringing history to life through food will ensure things are not easily forgotten, such as using garden vegetables to supplement sugar rations by making wartime carrot cookies. Simple cooking using ingredients from the school garden, or other local sources, will involve literacy and numeracy skills as well as history, science, biology and geography. We can also provide Food Safety with a strong scientific element. Previous Year 6 experiments have included using a bag of glitter and a damp cloth to simulate the spread of bacteria - a serious message packaged in a fun and memorable task! We are also able to run Healthy Lifestyle Sessions and are experienced in the preparation of Healthy School Newsletters.

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After-School Cooking Clubs

Our main focus is to inform children to make healthier food choices and gain the confidence and enthusiasm to cook safely. Every child is able to take home what they have cooked during the club session, and there's a certain level of structure to the club, for example children being given folders containing relevant paperwork on each session. Children will quickly learn to make food ranging from fruit smoothies and flapjack to vegetable samosas and pizza.

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Private Courses

We are able to offer a wide range of children's courses tailored to your specifications.

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Adult's Courses

We offer a range of courses for adults, catering to all requirements and abilities.

Clients we have previously worked with include corporate groups, mothers, groups of friends, and adults with learning disabilities.

You can choose from one of the previously run courses listed below or we can create a specific course to meet your taste and skills. Adult cookery sessions can be arranged as a one-off event or as a series. The price will depend on your exact requirements, so please contact us for further details.


Cooking from Scratch

We will guarantee you will be able to cook a great meal without using anything processed, or from a jar or tin. All ingredients used in cooking are farm fresh and fabulous. We promise the taste alone will be enough to convert you to cooking from scratch time and again! Initial dishes to build your confidence might include spagetti bolognese and fresh soup.

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Around the World

This workshop will give you the confidence to add some dishes with a foreign twist to your repertoire. How about getting grips with a spinach and sweet potato curry and spicy Indian rice or paella, followed by a classic tiramisù, or gulab jamun with summer fruits?

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Delicious Soups

A great soup can be a lifesaver, a healthy meal and a fantastic way to use up food that you might otherwise end up throwing away. Don't miss this workshop as it promises to keep you and your family warm throughout the winter with delicious flavours including carrot and coriander or leek and potato.

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Workshops for Parents

  • Creating Healthy Packed Lunches
    Ensure your child has the best possible start in life. Pack healthy and get them involved at the earliest opportunity.
  • Food for Thought
    We'll help you understand how much fat and sugar is hidden in processed food. You might be surprised at how small adjustments in your shopping habits will help slim your waistline and keep your family happier and healthier.
  • Food Safety Training
    This workshop could lead to you taking Level 2 Food Safety if you're interested in learning more or are planning to get involved in running an after-school cookery club, breakfast club or healthy tuck shop of your own.
  • Cooking Together
    We're able to tailor most of our workshops to enable parents or carers to work alongside their children or charges in the kitchen. Why not try one of our popular 'Dads and Lads' sessions, where the boys get time to have some fun and make a mess in the kitchen!

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Food Safety Training

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) Level 2 Food Safety in Catering, Retail and Manufacturing

  • Location:
    On site with the client
  • Duration:
    7 hours - this includes 6 hours of training followed by a 1-hour multiple-choice assessment. (Results are normally obtained within 2 -3 weeks of the paper being taken.)
  • Experience:
    Louise has successfully trained around 90 people in Level 2 Food Safety in Catering since Oct 2007, including parents, nursery nurses in organisation, retail shop outlet staff and also school staff who run cookery clubs. Louise is also employed by a Bristol college as a tutor to deliver Level 2 Food Safety Training. also offers:

  • CIEH Level 3 in Food Safety in Catering, Retail and Manufacturing
  • CIEH Level 2 in Food and Nutrition
  • CIEH Level 2 in Healthier Food and Special Diets

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